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@medeis.official masks keep me company every time I go out. Not only do they keep me safe (with ASTM level 2 and 3 layers of protection!), but they also make great additions to my outfits (they come in so many colors!) 🌈 I've had so much fun mixing and matching, so far. 🦄 I've tried so many masks, but these, by far, are some of the most comfortable - I can breathe easy + there's no strain on my ears! 👂 Definitely a must-have! 💯

Rissey Reyes | @risseyreyes | 25 Sep 2020

The ear loops are very thick, flexible and comfy. Good thing is that the actual quality of the mask is good. And i can match a mask to my outfit too with these multi-coloured masks. finally found a face mask i can trust.

Xavier Callicott | @xcallicott | 20 Aug 2020

Purple masks makes me happy And the breathability is amazing

馬天佑 | @mayaoo | 26 Aug 2020

日日都要戴Mask 所以Mask嘅舒適度係好重要 @medeis.official 嘅哩款Mask好柔軟 唔會侷促 最緊要係耳仔位厚身但好舒服 而哩款UNIQUE MIX UBRAN packing一包有五種色 想隨時轉顏色match番outfit絕對冇問題👍🏽

Kenya Ip | @kenya_boya | 24 Sep 2020

I’ve been getting headaches when I wear masks for too long due to tight ear loops, however these masks have extremely soft and stretchy ear loops that make a huge difference for me.

Jamie Xia | @jamie.xia | 18 Aug 2020