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Collection: 3D Silky Collection

The Medeis 3D Silky Collection brings you quality protection in the most vibrant colours. Looking for comfort and style in one of our day to day essential, face mask? Look no further, Medeis’ 3D Silky Collection is here to do the magic. Made with top quality spunlace nonwoven fabric, with vibrant concrete colourful pattern printed on with laser printing technology, for a bright and outstanding finishing. All products are tested to be lead-free and non toxic to give you carefree protection.

Medeis 3D Silky 系列為你帶來最多姿多彩的防疫保障。當口罩已經成日不可或缺的日用品時,舒適品質及時尚款式變得尤為重要。Medeis 3D Silky系列以頂級物料水刺布製成,再以鐳射印刷技術印上鮮艷、亮麗多彩的花紋,讓你每日配戴的口罩再不沉悶。系列全部口罩均經過化驗, 證實不含鉛及其他有毒物質。