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About Us


Ross Solutions is your gateway to some of the world’s highest quality manufacturers of medical supplies. A tried and tested approached to procurement we satisfy a broad range of healthcare providers while assisting in your cost management without compromise on the quality.

Founded in 2015 Ross Solutions mission was to provide global access to the highest quality medical supplies. We understand the need for brand names but when it comes to PPE disposables we had a vision to be able to lower the cost of health care by offering the highest quality consumables sourced from the worlds most esteemed factories up to 1/10 of their branded counterparts. Ross Solutions provide one of the most reliable order fulfillment processes, along with the highest customer satisfaction with every purchase.
Ross Solutions have a dedicated team at our Head Office in Hong Kong and on the ground with suppliers. Boasting a highly qualified Sourcing and QA teams bringing you an ever growing list of products & innovations. We provide a safe and tested gateway to some of the worlds my cost effective high quality PPE anywhere. All our partners are inspected by Ross Solutions teams in collaboration with the global leaders in third party vendor compliance and quality.
Currently service Hospitals, Governments, Physicians’ offices, Laboratories and Corporate, please feel free to contact us directly to see how we can collaboratively work together to maintain your quality standards while assisting in cost management.  

We work with international compliance and Inspection Company such as ICW, TUV and SGS to ensure all our factories comply with required manufacturing and product export compliance, as well as compliance of hygienic condition, quality of materials and procedures. We are currently working with 20 factories in handling orders of mask and other medical gears from around the world. Our products are exported to Canada, US, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Brazil, our clientele include government departments, listed companies, medical companies, private corporate and airlines. Upon completion of manufacturing, specialists are also sent to inspect quality of products and validate quantity to ensure products are ready for delivery to our clients.